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Check out some of the crazy and absurd stories of my travels and adventures, for inspiration, tips, ideas, things not to do, and hopefully, a good ol laugh.

About Me

Welcome Adventurers!

Skating On A Frozen Lake! *Heaven*

My name is Devon Fitzpatrick and I’m just a 29 year old Canadian that has been bitten by the travel bug and who is also incredibly introverted, a tad weird, and majestically awkward. “Oh heeeeeeeeyyyy” 😉

I am an adventure addict who is obsessed with wolves and the mountains, enjoys hiking off the beaten path, skating on frozen ponds, camping, bird watching, volunteering for wildlife, and cuddling dogs. I also immensely enjoy spontaneous road trips, exploring new places, and laughing at myself and being amazed at my occasional cleverness and creativity. I am committed to transformation and I’m striving to live my life by a compass not a clock. Following the spinning needle of my True North, rather than the tick-tock of the hands of the clock.

I try to spend as much time as I can outside, even if its -30*C (ya just gotta dress warm people!). There is not a single place on Earth I wouldn’t like to visit. I have an unending desire to be better and make myself a better person.

Sometimes I eat cake for breakfast….

Here I Am Laughing At Nothing In Particular….

What Is This Page About?

I created this page to have a space to write down all the crazy things that have happened to me so far in this strange, beautiful life. Partly, so I have something to look back on and laugh at, and partly because I can’t quite believe some of the things that have actually happened to me. So if you don’t believe them either, at least we are in this together.

Like that time I was fencing in Australia next to a creek where I saw a REAL crocodile just minutes before…or that time I had to take a 30-minute boat ride to the nearest medical facility while I was volunteering in Costa Rica and get a needle in my butt…(and that was the option I chose…details later…).

While these aren’t the most glorious travel stories, they are real ones. And I wish to share them for my future forgetful old self *picture someone like Betty White here* if not for a laugh or two from other people who get enjoyment from these things.

Some of my fellow volunteers exploring the canals in Costa Rica, sans needles…

Stay tuned here for travel writings, reminiscences of past adventures and travels and well, who knows, probably a lot of scenic landscapes and animal photos because I love taking photos of the Great Outdoors.


A person susceptible to ‘wanderlust’ is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation. – Pico Iyer.

Cheers To Wild Adventures!

Just a girl, contemplating her dreams…
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